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In the workspace industry, the site tour is the most valuable piece of sales collateral.  Follow these steps to take the efficacy of your tour from average to excellent.



Use a Script

script-smallSales experts the world over recommend writing scripts to regulate success of communication during the sales process.  Professional sales people use scripts during prospecting, consulting, and closing stages.  In the workplace industry, the tour falls somewhere between these three stages.   The tour script should not only focus on highlighting the best features of the facility, but should also contain qualifying questions that help convert touring leads to prospects or touring prospects to customers.  Having a script does not mean that the tour guide for your center needs to say the same exact words to each touring guest.   Scripts can be tailored to each unique situation as long as they contain the key questions and statements that have been proven to propel the sales process forward.  It is, however, important to make sure everyone responsible for conducting tours has mastered their own versions of the tour scripts. A script is simply a structure for successful sales conversations.


Spread the word

megaphoneInform all staff and even your building security guard, if applicable, of all new tours so that any potential client has the very best experience and favorable first impression of your space.  Make sure the tour includes introductions to key staff members.  If there is a star customer in during the tour, ask him or her beforehand if it’s okay to introduce the prospect.  Firsthand accounts of how your center’s services work can often motivate closing the sale.


Follow up

email-ex-bannerWhen a guest comes in for a tour, they’ve made a significant effort to get to know your center.  Make sure you make the effort to follow up and show your appreciation for their time. I recommend a follow up/recap email go out within 30 minutes of the prospect leaving the tour. Include in this email any hard copies of sales collateral you might have shared during the tour. With everyone having a smart phone today, makes the manager’s contact information easily accessible.  I also recommend connecting on social media outlets such as LinkedIn. Share a recent post or update written by your prospect.  This makes your follow up more genuine and personal.

If you and your team need more advanced sales training; we would happy to assist.  Drop us a line.