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Running a coworking space is no easy task; to make a space successful one needs time and experience. For property owners and landlords, incorporating a coworking space into their buildings seems like a natural shift to meet the needs and demands of the market and to increase the value of their buildings.

However, while the opportunity presents a lot of benefits, it also presents property owners and landlords with a challenge: it requires that they distance themselves from their core business and expertise. Meaning that launching an owned coworking brand represents an additional risk.

Why Partner with Workspace Strategies

We do the up-front market research, budgeting, and analysis to make data-backed decisions to mitigate risk and maximize profits
Mitigate the risks associated with launching an owned coworking brand, allowing you to focus on your core business and expertise while maximizing profits
Deliver a fully integrated solution to reduce overhead costs; we offer and oversee all aspects of the business including accounting, marketing, sales, technology, operations, human resources, payroll, and vendor management
Our team provides unparalleled experience in the flexible workspace industry, including setting up, managing, and expanding a brand, which increases foot traffic and the value of your building
Our teams focus is on hospitality and gives you the opportunity to leverage a premium brand that will compete with large scale operators
With premium technology being a necessity today, you can be assured that your space will be setup from day one with the best technology to drive revenues and profits
We will assist with your space planning, layout, and overall design to bring your vision to life and to make sure you attract your target audience
Access a network of vendors, along with our negotiated pricing, that specialize in the flexible workspace industry

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