How To Ensure Your Serviced Office Center Makes An Impactful First Impression

By February 8, 2016Industry

The chief objective of the serviced office center is to present a professional impression to its clients and its clients’ customers. One of the elements that drives the success of Workspace Strategies-managed business centers is dedication to making an impactful first impression with design and staff.

Designs that Shine

Workspace Strategies works with building owners and business center owners to create a space that is modern, professional, and inviting. One of the growing elements of the serviced office center is coworking space. Coworking is working in a shared workspace while that also allows independent activity. Many office business centers either provide a space within their facility for coworking or offer coworking environments as their exclusive service. Coworking spaces have been growing in popularity over the last several years more of America’s workforce becomes freelancers and solopreneurs. It is important that coworking spaces are functional and impressive to the professionals using them. Workspace Strategies have many years of experience creating coworking environments from design phase through construction and furnishing.

One other space that is critical to making a quality first impression is the reception area. Reception areas in serviced office centers need be welcoming while communicating a high level of prestige and professionalism. Serviced office center reception areas are not primarily waiting rooms like in other types of office environments. They are usually a part of a business lounge or touchdown space where clients are busy getting their work done. Workspace Strategies advises serviced office center owners to avoid using their reception area as a call center. This is disruptive to the professionals who have paid to use the business lounge as a part of their package. And, when the reception area is dedicated to answering calls, the center loses the opportunity to make impactful first impressions in-person. Workspace Strategies offers PROS, Professional Receptionist Outsourcing Services, that handles inbound calls off-site to ensure that on-site staff can be focused on providing the service and attention that makes the best first impressions.

Staff to Match

While the design of a serviced office center contributes a lot to the impressions that the center provides, center staff must also be intentional about making every experience with guests and clients at the center the best that it can be. Office Suite Strategies-managed centers run with a lean staffing model, which requires that we hire employees that have a well-rounded skill set that includes top notch communication abilities. We expect our staff to engage with clients and guests genuinely and professionally even when there are other tasks that they might be working on. Front office staff must be ready to welcome every guest and equipped with the knowledge to answer any questions about the center’s services and clients that the guests are there to meet. One of the common things that wrecks first impressions in serviced office centers is when the receptionist staff is uneducated on how to respond to guests’ questions. That is why Workspace Strategies regularly trains center staff on the value offered by the center and how to communicate that value when called upon.

Final Thoughts…

Serviced Office Centers can make impactful first and subsequent impressions if their design and staff present the prestige and professionalism required. With nearly 17 years of experience in the workspace services industry, Workspace Strategies ensures that the centers it manages and the center owners that it consults present top caliber impressions. If you are a serviced office center owner that would like to learn more about how to elevate the impressions that your center communicates, contact us.