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Coworking spaces are the new normal. But not all coworking spaces are created equally. So, what makes a coworking space great? What is it about coworking that has attracted professionals from across industries and countries?

It all boils down to one concept: experience. Below, you will find 5 key elements your coworking space must have in order to create a unique, value-driven workplace experience.

  1. Fast, reliable internet

You can’t create a great workplace experience if you don’t get the basics right. People choose to work from a coworking space because they feel they will be more productive there than in any other place (home, cafes, office headquarters, etc.). In order for people to be able to get work done, you need to provide them with the right tools and resources, with fast and reliable Wi-Fi being one of the most important ones. No one likes choppy internet; it can even be more frustrating than no internet at all.

  1. Variety

The main reason why the open office has faced so much backlash recently is that, like cubicles, they didn’t provide workers with any choice. On a day to day basis, people fulfill different types of tasks, tasks that require different tools, resources, and levels of focus. This is why it’s important to provide a variety of private and shared workspace environments. As a coworking space operator, you need to provide environments where people can focus, have conversations, collaborate, or brainstorm. This variety is known as activity-based working.

  1. Comfortable (ergonomic) furniture

In order for people to perform their best, they need to feel their best. Furniture can go a long way in helping people be productive or unproductive. Make sure you provide comfortable seating options in your coworking space, taking careful attention with desk-chair height. If possible, consider providing your coworking members with height-adjustable tables.

  1. An engaged community manager

People choose to work from coworking spaces because they provide them with a social aspect that makes them feel part of a community. Your community manager must be engaged and foster authentic relationships with and between all coworking members. An engaged community manager will greet people when they walk in, he or she will introduce new members with the rest of the community, will be aware of the projects or ventures members are working on, etc. Community managers are the heart of coworking spaces, they are the ones that can curate and create the right workplace culture.

  1. Amenities

Coworking spaces aren’t just about providing access to desk and chairs. Like we said before, they’re about creating a unique workplace experience, and this is done through carefully selected amenities. Some common amenities include access to printing services, meeting rooms, event programming, wellness-oriented amenities (like onsite meditation or yoga classes), gourmet coffee and tea, outdoor space, and food.

Reach out to Workspace Strategies if you need help curating your coworking space experience or if you’re interested in growing your brand.