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The coworking industry has been growing steadily for some time now, with new concepts continuously popping up in cities around the world. The benefits of joining a coworking space range from flexibility, easy scalability for fast-growing companies, networking opportunities, a tight-knit business community, and a professional setting for your company, so it is easy to see the appeal that coworking spaces have for companies of all sizes. 

But even with so many options available, you might be having trouble finding the perfect coworking space for you. And so you could continue searching and trying out every last coworking space in your area, or you could think about creating your very own coworking space. 

If you do decide that you are ready to stop looking around and instead want to create your own coworking space, here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Build a community first

The main reason why people join a coworking space is the community they become a part of. Sure the flexibility and the lower costs are nice benefits to have, but without a special community, a coworking space isn’t very attractive. So it is a great idea to start by reaching out to other like-minded professionals in your area and see how many people are interested in building a community together. Using social media is great for this first approach. 

It doesn’t matter if you manage to attract 100 people or just 3 to your community, it is better to start small and scale up when you need to than to build something big and hope it doesn’t stay empty for long. 

2. Focus on your vision

Why are you doing this? Do you want to run a profitable coworking space that you can later expand into new cities and countries? Are you looking to build a tight-knit community, even if you barely manage to break even every month? Whatever your vision, it is important to write it down and come back to it often, since it will likely drive every decision you make about your coworking space. 

3. Location, location, location

The ideal location for your coworking space will depend on both your vision and the community you want to bring into it. It is a great idea to research extensively to see what options are available in the area that interests you. Ideally, you can find a location that is convenient, and safe. 

4. Utilities > furniture

It doesn’t matter if you provide your members with ultramodern desks, chairs, and designer furniture if your internet connection is not that great. Having a reliable high-speed internet connection should be your top priority. 

5. Ask for advice

There are many seasoned coworking space owners who will gladly share their knowledge with you if you reach out. After all, coworking is all about community and cooperation. So don’t be afraid to connect with them and ask for their advice. 

As you begin to tackle this big project, Workspace Strategies will be here to help guide you.