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Recent article, “Five Ways That Real Estate Has Misunderstood Co-Working”, highlights some common coworking misconceptions. What can we learn from these and what is Preferred Office Network, a flexible workspace solution provider of over 650 locations, doing to address these misconceptions?

1. The evolution of the flex market – coworking does NOT just mean coworking.

Coworking and flex space now includes serviced private offices, executive suites and hybrid spaces, so we need to adopt a new mindset when we hear the term “coworking” and remember that it includes more traditional office options as well as what we typically associate with coworking. Hybrid spaces allow for agility and give your business truly flexible options – something Preferred Office Network knows is important to its clients.

2. The market is diversifying, NOT consolidating.

93% of flex space operators are independently owned. Preferred has brought many of these independently owned operators together to be part of a larger network that serves as a single provider to corporate accounts. They not only give the benefit of working with people at a local level who are invested in their business, community, and clients, they also streamline the corporate process for acquiring and managing offices in these centers. Their national agreement with set terms and a more client-focused platform allows them to do what WeWork and Regus can’t – offer the most flexible terms in the industry.

3. The geographic spread of flex space is ready to change

Currently, 51% of the total number of centers are located in just 5 states, but this number is anticipated to shift as coworking centers expand into new markets and grow proportionally as part of the commercial real estate market as a whole. Preferred Office Network has over 650 business center locations in urban and suburban markets throughout North America, and they continue to expand into new markets monthly.

4. Square footage vs profitability is a real challenge

Centers must find a way to balance amenity and collaborative areas with private space to continue to attract corporations while maximizing profitability.

5. Corporate requirements are changing the demand profile

Demand for flex space is increasing. Clients like the flexible pricing, lease terms, locations, and even free beer! Prime spaces combined with excellent service has created a new product offering attracting more and more corporate occupants.

Preferred Office Network offers the largest network of independently owned business centers in North America.  Workspace Strategies is proud to be part of that network through its managed locations in California, Texas, Maryland, Tennessee and Florida.  They are committed to providing the most flexible terms in the commercial real estate industry and are entering their eighth year of providing network benefits to their members and clients. To learn more, visit, or contact us today.