Business Center Best Practices: Key Skill Sets for Business Center Managers

In our blog post, “5 Keys to a Successful Serviced Office Company,” Key Number One stressed the importance of filling the role of the Business Center Manager (BCM).  Here, I’ll share some most important skill sets to look when searching for a BCM.

Organizational Skills

BCM’s often juggle many different roles within the center’s operation, especially while the business is in its ramp up period.  Your BCM might be required to man the phones, lead a tour, provide IT support, and set up a conference room for a meeting of 15 people all in the first few hours of the business day.  Because BCM’s wear so many hats, the ability to keep responsibilities prioritized and organized is a must.  During the interview process, ask about candidates’ experience managing several tasks at the same time.  Find out what tools they use to stay organized.  Also, be on the lookout for experience with process improvement and streamlining procedures.  The ideal BCM must be experienced with handling everything at once, but also be prepared to put systems in place that can increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Communication Skills

Sales in the workspace services industry requires strong communicators.  A lot of the services provided by the industry are intangible, so having a BCM that can create a clear and vivid picture of the value of your center’s services is essential.   Your BCM is also responsible for developing the sense of community within your center.  The person who holds your BCM role should be able to facilitate introductions between clients, to produce helpful content for the center’s blog and/or newsletter, and engage with the center’s clients and staff.  With great communication skills, your BCM will be able to accomplish these tasks which will help build customer loyalty at your center.

Technology Skills

The workspace services industry is made possible by advances in technology.  Your BCM must be comfortable with using technologies that are currently available and excited to learn new ones that can improve the operations at your business.  Also, your BCM will often be called upon by your center’s clients for technical help with your center’s equipment.  So, your BCM should be skilled enough to assist and give your clients assurance that their needs can be met.

Final Thoughts…

While keeping these skill sets in mind can help narrow your candidate pool, there are still many other factors to consider when selecting the BCM for your center including job experience, education, and salary requirements. Office Suite Strategies specializes in recruiting and staffing for the serviced office industry.  We work to find professionals with these skill sets and others that can lead serviced office companies to success.   To learn more about Workspace Strategies recruiting services, contact us here.