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The end of the year is fast approaching, and while we might all be tempted to get into our Holiday Season mood, there’s a few things we need to take care of first: planning for the year ahead.

The real estate sector is being disrupted. People are changing the way they experience and interact with the built-space. Property owners, landlords, tenants and developers must all start thinking of how they can create spaces that appeal to people and enhance their day to day experiences.

5 key CRE design trends of 2019

  1. Smart Buildings
    This past year we saw how more buildings and commercial spaces started to integrate smart technology. From smart lighting, to sensors that monitor space usage, there’s a lot that the CRE sector can gain from better understanding the way people move throughout a given space. Smart technology, data, and analytics will become a staple in new buildings and developments.
  2. Amenities
    What makes your building or space better than others? We’ll tell you: it’s the amenities you offer. Great design is a given and in order to differentiate one property from another, its time developers think about amenities that will help their space stand out. Wellness focused amenities like a gym, cafe, rooftop, green walls are increasingly being adopted. CRE is also looking to coworking spaces to provide an added value to a building or space. Keep in mind, customer service is an amenity; make sure you include hospitality elements throughout your space.
  3. Flexibility
    If you want to attract new tenants and more traffic to your space you need to be flexible. Long-gone are the days of long-term leases, people and companies today value flexibility and choice. This applies to leases, as well as space usage. Can your space be converted in a moment’s notice? Can you transform your rooftop into event space?
  4. Old is in
    Sustainability is a hot topic today. Before you set out to construct a new building, look to your existing portfolio and think if there’s a building that can be repurposed. Bring new life to old buildings; it’ll contribute to the environment and it’ll help you attract clients and customers. There’s something special about transforming a space and that speaks and appeals to people. You can convert an old factory into a workplace, an old bank into a gym…the possibilities are endless.
  5. Wellness
    People are becoming increasingly aware of how their environments and surroundings affect their wellbeing. People are talking about wellness at home, at the office, at the gym, etc. Certifications like the Fitwel Rating and the WELL Building Standard are taking off and they will become a guiding model of how the built-environment should look and feel like. When you think about wellness, you must consider daylight, air quality, water, food, physical wellness, and biophilia.

Interested in taking your CRE to the next level and gearing up for the year ahead? Let us know!