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For small business owners and freelance entrepreneurs, the positive outlook for 2022 and added safety measures mean a safe and happy return to coworking and temporary office spaces that are starting to revive again after a couple of years of upheaval due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Coworking Trends Can We Expect to See in 2022?

Forecasters looking into the new year agree on several trends occurring within the Office Solutions industry.

1.     Global increase in Corporate and Freelance Coworking

Remote workers are gaining in numbers, expected to reach close to six million globally by 2022, with coworking office spaces projected to surpass forty thousand worldwide by 2024. The coworking trend is the new norm for those entering and re-entering the workforce. Companies will remain in their office buildings yet may focus less on a centralized location and offer more remote and flexible working solutions, utilizing the amenities that flexible office services provide. Benefits to this strategy include increased social distance within the workplace, increased support for employees preferring flexibility, and a reduction in high leasing costs through company downsizing.

2.     Implementing Management Software Technology

Automation will play a significant role in helping improve the management and productivity of the coworking office space. As more workers and corporate employees transition to shared office environments, keeping a tight rein on the scheduling of shared resources and state-of-the-art technology will require highly efficient management systems and the specialized training that goes with it. With the right automation tools, office services management will be possible onsite and offsite, keeping everyone working at top efficiency and enhancing the member experience.

3.     Flexible Working

Because of the pandemic, employees have grown accustomed to working with more independence and flexibility. Now that the corporate world is beginning to normalize, many people prefer to maintain that flexibility yet return to an office environment away from home distractions.

Companies are starting to understand the benefits for themselves and their employees by embracing flexibility in work locations and times, using coworking office spaces to provide professional amenities for their workers.

4.     Developing a Sense of Community

Shared office services must step up their game to keep people attracted to their spaces. Landlords are now converting their rental buildings to remote offices, bringing more competition. Develop a sense of community and connection between workers by adding amenities and programs like fitness gyms, daycare, cafés, and training courses to encourage networking and collaboration. People will remain in a place when they have emotionally invested in those working around them.

5.     Focusing on Member Health & Wellbeing

Some coworking spaces are now providing optional health care plans to their freelancers. Others offer free services that focus on the health and wellbeing of their members, such as counseling sessions, meditation, and yoga classes.

6.     Specialization

Another upcoming trend is flexible niche office spaces geared to one type of industry or demographic, such as the legal profession, the medical profession, visible minorities, new mothers, or coworking kitchens. These new spaces bring together people of shared interests and backgrounds.

7.     Going Above and Beyond

Coworking spaces are evolving, becoming more community-oriented full-service locations that provide services beyond the typical professional office. Rides to the airport, personal assistants, catered lunches, and office housekeeping are just some of the additional services offered to create a full-service experience at reasonable costs for members.

The new year will ring in fast-moving trends in coworking and flexible office spaces where workers can look forward to more amenities and professionally managed locations. For start-ups and existing coworking office locations requiring upscale management, look no further than Workspace Solutions for advanced professional management support.