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At the start of the pandemic many companies scrambled to keep operating by turning their entire workforce into a fully remote one. Almost overnight many people went from having a perfectly adequate office space to having to improvise a sub-par home office however they could.

The lucky few had a dedicated room for their home office, while most people had to set up their desk on kitchen counters, dining rooms, coffee tables, or living room couches. And although working from a comfy couch may seem like a dream come true, once you spend 8 hours sitting on that couch your body will be very sore.

And not having access to the proper office furniture is just one of the issues that lead to work-from-home-fatigue. Other plagues such as terrible internet connections, distractions such as noise, kids and pets, and homes that felt crowded due to everybody having to stay there, made the fatigue more noticeable.

Now that the worst of the pandemic is over, more and more people have started to look for alternatives to their poorly equipped home offices. And since most companies have not called everybody back in yet, the best option for workers right now is to look into coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces have been making a comeback these past few months. They are better equipped than most improvised home offices, they have a stable and fast internet connection, and they are able to offer customers the option to pay only for what they use without having to sign a long lease or a long-term contract.

Workers can simply choose what they need, whenever they need it. So, for example they could rent a private office a couple of days every week for focused work, they can book a meeting room for a few hours to have their weekly operations meeting and use a socially distanced hot desk for an hour every day to check emails.

The best thing about coworking spaces is the complete flexibility that they offer. So, whenever your schedule changes, and you suddenly need more time in a private office to focus on an upcoming deadline, then it is easy to book exactly that. Or if you need to have more meetings to prepare for an important presentation with a few members of your team, then you can arrange that very easily.

Another feature that coworking spaces use to help combat work-from-home fatigue is the general atmosphere of the place. This is, after all, an office space. And as such there is a sense of professionalism and productivity conducive environment present in the coworking space at all times. This is something you are only able to find at home if you have a fully dedicated office space, otherwise you will have a difficult time trying to recreate such an atmosphere.

Just being surrounded by other professionals can help you get over the work-from-home fatigue, even if it is just for a few hours each day.