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Working remotely can be great. You are able to set up your own schedule, you can work from anywhere in the world (as long as it isn’t too remote for an internet connection), you can personalize your workspace however you like, and there is no need for you to waste your time with long commutes or rush hour traffic jams.

But although this may all sound fantastic, there are also negative aspects that come with working remotely. After a few days you might start feeling isolated and lonely, the lack of a rigid structure may feel chaotic and draining, and your home office might not be adequately equipped with ergonomic furniture and everything you need to do your best work. In the long run, all these things can have a big negative impact on your mental health.

Coworking is a great tool to help you improve your remote work experience while avoiding the negative aspects of it. Here are a few reasons why coworking benefits your mental health:

Find structure

Having a reliable routine can be a great benefit for your mental health and working from home often makes it very difficult to establish such a routine. You may be constantly distracted by pets, kids, neighbors, or you might find it difficult to avoid procrastinating. This means that your days will inevitably become chaotic which will have a negative effect on your mental health.

Coworking can help you avoid chaos and create a structured routine. The best part is that with coworking your routine isn’t bound to a specific location, so it can follow you wherever you go.

Reduce stress

Although you might be surrounded by distractions when working remotely, they don’t necessarily help you reduce your stress levels. So when you have a tough day at work you have nobody to vent with or to just chat about. In a coworking space, you are surrounded by other like-minded professionals who also have to deal with issues at work, so you can always count on there being somebody else who just needs to take a break. This is a fantastic way to reduce stress levels and it also helps you not build up your stress levels in the first place.

Boost productivity

Being productive feels great. But as a remote worker, you often have to combat distractions, avoid procrastination and are not always able to find a quiet place to do your work in peace. Coworking spaces are the perfect solution to your productivity slumps. They are workplaces after all, so people who go there are there to get work done. This creates an atmosphere that boosts productivity and in turn improves your mental health.

Improve work/life balance

Working from home can make the lines between work and home very blurry. Your workplace is right there all the time and it can be tempting to check your emails before you go to bed or work on a file while spending time with your family. And if you have a pressing issue at work, then you might not find the space to let it go all day. There is no leaving work at work when you work from home.

With coworking, the lines between work and home are very clear. You go to work at the coworking place and when you leave then it makes it easy to leave all your work-related issues there to be dealt with tomorrow.

Feel connected

Although there are many apps and online communication tools available, working from home can be a very lonely thing. Coworking can help you feel connected just by working near other people. And if you want to be more involved, coworking spaces are known for their strong communities, so coworking enables you to feel as connected as you need.