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Coworking has been around for nigh on 30 years, meaning it’s more than just a trend or a buzzword. Today, coworking epitomizes the “new normal” of work, enabling a hybrid work environment, supporting remote and distributed workforces, and helping companies embrace lean operations.

For workers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, coworking represents convenience and cost reduction, plus one significant personal benefit: that ever-elusive work-life balance.

In today’s fast-paced and unpredictable world, it’s never been more important to pay attention to mental health, and that sometimes means establishing boundaries around your work and workday. Coworking is an excellent tool in this effort, and there are many quantifiable reasons for this.

Three Ways Coworking Supports Work-Life Balance

1.      Increased Productivity

Coworking spaces are fully equipped with everything a worker needs to be productive. In a traditional office setting, it’s easy to get distracted by colleagues or other office noise. But in a coworking space, you can choose an environment that suits your needs. Whether you need complete silence to concentrate or prefer working in a more social lounge-like setting, you can find a spot to work that ticks all the boxes. If you’re a data geek, consider this: reports that half of all coworking professionals reported an increase in income, improvements in their work quality, and mental health.

How does this relate to work-life balance? Simple. If you’re getting more work done in less time and the quality of your output is better, you’ll feel better at the end of the day and have more energy to devote to yourself.

2.      Improved Wellness

Traditional offices can be full of unhealthy distractions like sugary snacks and sedentary work environments. In many cases, you might not even have a window to look out! Coworking spaces offer healthier workspace options, like standing desks and healthful snacks. Some may also have recreational or fitness facilities so you can get out of your head and refresh periodically.

You won’t feel as drained or exhausted at the end of the day—and you might even be inclined to go out for an after-work beverage with your coworking coworkers!

3.      Camaraderie

There’s a unique energy in coworking spaces. Maybe it’s a shared sense of purpose or the feeling that everyone is in it together—but whatever it is, there’s no denying that coworking spaces and the people that inhabit them are a society unto themselves.

For many people, the best part of coworking is that sense of camaraderie. When you’re working at home, it’s easy to feel isolated and alone. It’s also easy to work longer hours and blur the lines between your work life and your actual life. Getting out of your home office and into a lively, vibrant environment with like-minded others will undoubtedly lift your mood and draw some healthy boundaries around work and non-work hours.

In conclusion, coworking spaces are becoming more popular around the world because they offer so many benefits for employees. One of the most significant plusses is improved work-life balance, a commodity that’s often challenging to find in the post-pandemic world.

Are you interested in discovering more coworking benefits? Get in touch, and let’s talk about it!