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There are a number of reasons why short-term office space can benefit your company. We met with Ja-Ann Peterson, General Manager of Heritage Office Suites, asking her to explain the most popular reasons for companies to utilize their workplace. Ja-Ann tells us that there are several reasons why her clients utilize their services. Although many companies do move in on a long-term basis, the bulk of her clients do use Heritage on a temporary basis. Peterson has experienced companies moving in because their business is too small for traditional space, or they need swing space, or there was damage to their existing space. We also see a lot of companies that experience seasonal surges in business. We asked Ja-Ann to expand on her experiences; here is what she shared…

Small Businesses Can Use Short-Term Office Space

In terms of company size, small businesses are our number one demographic. Companies in the 1-5 employee range have quickly learned of our products and have come running. We find that there are two types of small businesses; those looking to expand and others that are happy to stay the size they are. Regardless, we serve them perfectly, Peterson says.

First, for the company that is looking to grow, we offer flexibility. There is no long-term commitment and as they add employees, they can take more space from us, therefore never having to commit to what they don’t need. And, as they prepare to launch themselves into a midsize company, they can slowly look for a proper traditional option.

Then, if you are, and always will be a small business, we offer the convenience of managing the office for you. Ja-Ann tells us that they have noticed that the employees don’t have time to deal with the maintenance of the space. That’s where we come in. We take care of the maintenance, the coffee, the equipment leases and all the support staff.

Short-term office rentals are a smart move for savvy companies moving to metropolitan areas.

If Your Current Office Lease Ends before a New Location is Chosen

It is not uncommon for a company to get caught between leases. It is so difficult to obtain a seamless transition between offices, perhaps the new space is having construction delays, or they just haven’t found the right space, but know you don’t want to stay where you are. We serve as the perfect transition because we provide furniture, an IT infrastructure, and all business equipment is in place. We have served several companies that find themselves to be very comfortable in our workplace while they look for a traditional office solution.

Short-Term Office Space Solutions Infographic

If Your Business Outgrows Your Existing Space

All too often, a company will bypass shared workplaces as an option and go directly into traditional space. Usually, this is common practice and certainly works out just fine. But, what happens when you land that big account, or your business grows at a pace that was faster than originally anticipated? What happens when there is simply no room for the growth and committing to more space is not in the budget? Peterson tells us, “In a growing economy, this is becoming all too common. Fortunately, our office suites offer the needed extra space for the employees while the corporate office can figure out the best direction for the future.”

Learn more about the additional benefits of a short-term office lease with Office Suite Strategies locations.

If You Need Meeting Rooms, Business Lounges and Day Offices

When asked about the fastest growing and most popular use of their workplace, Ja-Ann tells us, “Without a doubt, more and more people are using the meeting rooms, business lounges and day offices on a more frequent basis.” She goes on to explain that, with a growing popularity in home-based businesses, people still need a place to meet their clients. With access to on-demand options for periods as short as one hour, we offer the convenience of working from home, backed by a professional environment and business address.

If You Have a Seasonal Business

There are several business situations that have seasonal spikes. These spikes can take someone that is comfortable working from home for most of the year, and create a nightmare during certain business seasons. We asked Ja-Ann to explain a situation that may fit this mold. Being in the heart of tax season, she was quick to point out that Heritage Office Suites always spikes in traffic because the accountant’s business surges now.

How to Find Short-Term Office Space

Long-term commercial office space on average requires a three- to seven-year lease term. When a company is growing rapidly, particularly a small business, being locked in for such an extensive time frame is not a good option. Short-term office solutions provided by office suites can range from a month-to-month agreement up to a one-year term. In many instances, these offices include other small business solutions like reception services and large meeting room, which can provide excellent benefit. When deciding on the best short-term office agreement for your business, it is important to consult with an expert who can direct you based on their experience and insight in the short-term office market.

No matter what the reason, short-term office space is a life-saver for many businesses, large or small. Workspace Strategies manages several locations throughout the country, offering excellent benefits to businesses who find themselves in need of a short-term solution for their team members. Contact us today to learn more about the options available and discover our locations conveniently located within or a short drive from major city centers.