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Small_Site_SelectionOne of the most enjoyable aspects of my consulting work is assisting my clients with site selection for a new serviced office center.  Usually, I work with office property owners to establish centers within their current buildings.   In other cases, I’ve worked with investors to purchase a new investment property in which to create a executive suites in.   The strategies to determine the viability of a center in a certain area are the same.   I conduct an area market study and analysis to get a clear picture of the location, demographics, timing, and experience.  The market study is a key part of forecasting the future success opportunities for that center.   We also do a competitive analysis that evaluates the status of the competition in the area.  Competition in the workspace services industry is ever stiffening. Really understanding what is already available to the target audience is essential to the decision of whether or not to open a brand new facility.

To learn more details about how Office Suite Strategies can help you determine where and how to open a serviced office center, please contact me here.  After nearly seventeen years developing new businesses in the workspace industry, the experience and insight I have during the site selection process ensures complete and thorough evaluation, clear and concise reporting, and sound recommendations for the most successful path.