Receptionist Services Outsourcing at Your Serviced Office Center

Receptionist services are among the mainstay offerings of the serviced office center.  Members expect to have a friendly, professional receptionist available on-site and over-the-phone to boost the professional image of their business.  Meeting this expectation can be near impossible for serviced office centers when the reception staff is responsible for greeting guests in-person and managing calls.  For centers with a large number of members using receptionist services, that reception staff can be easily overwhelmed by ringing phones which hampers their ability to welcome to customers in the lobby.  New centers can struggle with providing the top level of service to guests and callers as the receptionist is also the center manager who must balance sales and business operations responsibilities as well.   I developed PROS, Professional Receptionist Outsourcing Services, to help serviced office providers meet and exceed member expectations for impeccable receptionist services.

Receptionist Services with

The PROS Advantage

Elevate First Impressions

First impressions impact your bottom line in the workspace services industry.  How so?

  • First, the flagship products of the workspace services industry are temporary and virtual offices.  The key value to these products is that they amp up the professional image of the business people that use them.  So, the serviced office center must be present the best possible first impressions on behalf of their members in order to solidify that professional image.
  • Second, quality first impressions encourage lead conversion.  When a prospect enters your center, you want them to be impressed by the quality of service and attention to their needs.  That way, they are more likely to invest in services at your center so that their customers and colleagues can have that same experience.
  • Third, first impressions enhance member loyalty.  When your attentive reception staff greets your members warmly every time they visit, they are nurturing the relationship with that member which motivates long-term commitment to the center.

PROS allows your on-site receptionist staff to make the best possible first impressions to all visitors to your serviced office center.

By using PROS, you remove the distraction and burden of ringing phones from your on-site reception staff.  They can focus on providing on-site receptionist services that consistently deliver outstanding first impressions.  Meanwhile, PROS staff is dedicated to making sure your members callers are greeted with the same warm, professional, and cheerful impression over-the-phone.

Increase Revenue

When receptionist services are handled in-house, many serviced office centers are only able to offer basic call answering at a flat rate.   Charging for excessive call volume,  minutes spent, messages taken, etc.  becomes an accounting, tracking, and reporting nightmare for the staff responsible.   However, PROS software tracks all of these usage details and delivers reports on a monthly basis so that centers can bill appropriately for charges that would have slipped through the cracks.

Using PROS, new centers can provide more advanced and higher capacity call answering services that would be too expensive to implement in-house.   Software, equipment, and staff are costly expenditures to commit to especially for centers in ramp-up phase.  The cost to get started with PROS is substantially less, comparatively.   And, with PROS, serviced office centers don’t have to turn down members with large staff for whom they can provide the physical workspace just because they cannot meet their demand for call answering services.  PROS also has a bilingual receptionist available to Spanish-speaking callers.

Unlock Productivity

Providing receptionist services is a full-time job.  Even if the phones aren’t ringing off the hook every moment of the day, receptionist have to be ready to answer calls at any time making complete concentration on other tasks difficult.   Working with PROS allows receptionists to balance their responsibilities more effectively because they won’t be interrupted by the unpredictable phone.  Additionally, your receptionists can be called away from the desk at times to assist members and their guests with center equipment, set up a meeting room, or provide administrative support.  When this happens, your receptionist services are at risk.  As the center owner, you have to weigh the cost of losing productivity to receptionist services and losing receptionist services to productivity.

This is a dilemma that’s completely avoidable when you implement PROS.   Our highly trained, professional PROS receptionist’s productive day is only answering your members’ calls.  Calls always ring to the receptionist that is free to answer, so no caller is left unattended.  It is our mission at PROS to provide full service receptionist services so that your on-site staff can be more productive in accelerating your business’s growth.


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