Company Overview

Overview: Unlocking the latent profit potential of commercial real estate, Heritage Office Suites stands as a testament to strategic vision and operational excellence. Partnering with Workspace Strategies (WS), the owner transformed a once-leased space, previously occupied by a national flexible workspace giant, into a thriving and lucrative flexible workspace venture of his own. This compelling case study delves into the journey of Heritage Office Suites, illustrating how real estate investors can convert property assets into high-yield, hands-off business ventures.


The Visionary Move: In Round Rock, just outside Austin, Texas, the owner of Heritage Office Suites took a bold step when faced with a lease renewal from a national flexible workspace provider. Opting out of a potentially unfavorable negotiation, the owner, armed with the expertise of Workspace Strategies, reimagined the space into a bespoke flexible workspace business, strategically positioned to seize market opportunities.

Solution and Results

WS: The Catalyst for Success: Workspace Strategies played a pivotal role in this transformative journey. From crafting a distinctive brand identity to overseeing space redesign, technology integration, and staff recruitment, WS ensured that Heritage Office Suites not only met but surpassed industry benchmarks. The result:  A thriving business that stands as a testament to the power of strategic collaboration.

Key Performance Metrics:

  1. Rapid Occupancy: Within just 18 months, Heritage Office Suites achieved full occupancy with a waitlist.
  2. Consistent Demand: Sustained above 90% occupancy since the 18-month mark.
  3. Revenue Surge: Year-over-year revenue growth showcasing the profitability potential of flexible workspaces.
  4. Rent Premium: From receiving full market rent initially, ownership now enjoys 140% of market rent due to the business’s exceptional performance.
  5. Diverse Revenue Streams: Strong contributions from virtual offices and meeting room services add depth to the success story.

Expansion and Investor Appeal: Buoyed by the success of the first location, Heritage Office Suites expanded to Georgetown, TX, in 2017. This strategic move not only enhanced profitability but demonstrated the scalability of the model. With the Georgetown location achieving full occupancy and generating 150% of market rent, real estate investors can find inspiration in Heritage Office Suites’ trajectory.

Future Opportunities: Ownership’s pursuit of additional real estate for Workspace Strategies to manage a third location underscores the scalability and potential for continued success. This case study invites real estate investors to explore how Heritage Office Suites, under WS’s guidance, has successfully turned real estate assets into dynamic and profitable ventures, setting a new standard for office suite providers in the market.

Conclusion: Heritage Office Suites, in collaboration with Workspace Strategies, exemplifies the transformative power of converting commercial real estate into lucrative and hands-off flexible workspace enterprises. Real estate investors seeking to maximize their assets and explore the untapped potential of the flexible workspace market should reach out to Workspace Strategies for direction and guidance.