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The term “solopreneurship” describes businesses started and sustained by one person.  However, when solopreneurs use serviced office centers they are not alone. In an earlier blog post, we shared the various support staff offered by the serviced office center.  In this post, I will share some of the ways serviced office centers help solopreneurs make a professional impression to their clients and colleagues.

Having a brick and mortar location is often thought one of the necessary requirements for a legitimate business. For most solopreneurs,  traditional office space is an unnecessary financial drain. Serviced office centers’ flexible terms, lower costs, and on-demand meeting space make having a brick and mortar location a viable option for the solopreneur.   Rather than committing to an office space full-time, they can reserve meeting  spaces for just the time they need.  They are able to give their clients a space that is private, comfortable, and professional.

Next, solopreneurs can make a professional  impresion with a serviced office center through the use of their receptionist services. With receptionist services, solopreneurs have a staff member to answer calls without the burden of hiring a dedicated employee.  In this way, serviced office centers help solopreneurs provide an extra layer of customer service and care to their clients adding to the business’s professional image.

Finally, solopreneurs can project a professional impression through the mailing address services provided by the serviced office centers. P.O. Boxes make businesses seem inaccessible. With serviced office center mail services, solopreneurs can use the address of the serviced office center usually without a box or suite number.  This makes the solopreneurship business findable through online search engines and gives customers assurance that the solopreneur has a location where they can be reached.

If your are a solopreneur looking for a serviced office center for your business, contact us and I can introduce you to some of my great clients.