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Deskmag’s 2017 Global Coworking Survey found only 40% of coworking spaces are profitable. Though the percentage has increased year on year since 2013, it remains a worrying reality.

Luckily, there are different things coworking operators can do to increase their profitability. Some experts believe that meeting rooms are the most valuable asset, while others believe that offering a virtual office service can make a big difference in a coworking operator’s balance sheet.  But what if what you need to do isn’t offer another service, but rather use one yourself?

We’re talking about professional call answering services such as Professional Receptionist Outsourcing Services (PROS). Most coworking operators rely heavily on their community managers to juggle a plethora of responsibilities, which in the long run can lead to burnout and staff turnover. Alleviating some of the day to day burden on them can go a long way in improving your workplace experience. Instead of focusing on answering calls, by using a professional call answering service community managers can focus more on engaging with members, coming up with new marketing ideas, following-up with payments, and, more importantly, it will improve their job satisfaction and productivity.

Additional benefits of professional call answering services

Quality control

When someone is busy doing other things and the phone rings, they don’t always pick up in the most friendly and professional manner, which can scare off potential clients. Professional call answering services monitor all calls and conduct regular quality controls, which can help improve your coworking space’s image.

Better customer service

Since all calls are monitored, this means that the customer service and attention callers receive will be above and beyond what they typically encounter. Moreover, since your on-site staff will have more time in their hands, they will improve your coworking space experience.

After hours call handling

People tend to make calls when the time is convenient for them, not others. With a professional call answering service you won’t have to worry about missed calls at night or early in the morning. Some professional call answering services cover 12 hours, while others offer 24-hour service

Easier appointment booking

Whether someone calls to schedule a tour or a meeting room, professional call answering services make the process easier, especially if it’s a service that can integrate your business platform with the receptionists, providing them with easy access to your calendar and agenda.
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