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Coworking spaces are an important part of the future of work. These spaces have revolutionized the way people use and experience the workplace; they’ve set new standards regarding office space.

According to a 2017 research report, the number of coworking spaces is expected to reach 30,432 by 2022. It’s a growing industry and companies from across sectors are now seeking for ways in which to incorporate coworking into their businesses. If you want to open your own coworking space, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Find the right space. Coworking spaces are all about location; they need to be easily accessed through private, public, or alternative methods of transportations. When looking for space, don’t forget to take into consideration parking; it can still be a deal maker or breaker for people. Once you find the right space, make sure you negotiate your lease and that you understand each clause that’s included. Additional tips on leasing and negotiation can be found here.
  2. Build out and design. Opening a coworking space requires some upfront investment. A significant amount of this investment will go towards building out and designing the space. Think carefully about the types of environments you want to offer, about how people will flow through the space, and other elements such as water pipes, HVAC system, etc. Oh, don’t forget to buy comfortable, ergonomic furniture.
  3. Define your target member. While coworking spaces are used by all types of professionals, you still need to define who your target audience is. Are you looking for small teams, freelancers, women, lawyers, psychologists. Being able to identify your ideal member persona will greatly benefit your marketing efforts.
  4. Market your space before you open. Yes, even though the space isn’t yet open and ready to use, make sure you are marketing it to the right people. This will help you build your community from the get go and it will also help you create expectations. Additionally, talking with potential space users can give you an idea of whether you are heading in the right direction with design, layout, and amenities.
  5. Have an online presence. If you want to be relevant and seen today, you need to be online. Make sure you have a website with valuable content, as well as a social media presence where you can share updates about the space, when the space will open, and other events you’ll eventually host.
  6. Offer different membership levels. Some people enjoy working in a shared space, others prefer their own private offices, some prefer to have a dedicated desk, and some like to come and go as they please. Make sure your memberships target your ideal client’s needs.
  7. Events and networking. Most coworking spaces offer even programming for members and nonmembers. These events or workshops help people network and mingle and can also help you position your space as a place of learning and knowledge sharing.

If you want to enter the coworking business and have questions about it, feel free to reach out to us!