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Coworking has become the go-to workspace solution for businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and the corporate world–and there’s a good reason for that.

When you think about it, what’s not to love about coworking spaces? They offer flexible and affordable workplace options, with the added value of a strong and involved community where opportunities to network are vast.

Below, you will find five reasons why coworking is a smart solution to your workspace needs, regardless of your company size or your line of work.

They’re Inspiring

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and employees of 500 Fortune companies are all bound to feel inspired when in a coworking space. Coworking spaces are a place that people choose to work from, which means that they are usually looking forward to getting their work done and to being productive.

The environment we work greatly influences our work and our productivity levels; if people around you are typing away and working hard, then chances are you will feel encouraged to follow that behavior. Also, having someone around with whom you can share ideas often leads to creativity, innovation, and collaboration.


Community is a very important (if not the most important) aspect of a coworking space. And just as you are likely to form a strong friendship with fellow coworkers, you are also likely to find your next business partner or client.

Networking in a coworking space translates to opportunity.

Also, because of their nature, coworking spaces often host different types of events, which give workers the opportunity to network with other workspace members, as well as members of the local community.

We at Workspace Strategies have helped various workspace and coworking providers host unique events, from happy hours, to brown-bag lunches, to business workshops. In these events, we have observed how members of these workspaces are able to ‘click’ with one another and find ways to work together.

Flexible and Affordable

Most businesses and freelancers are looking for affordable workspace solutions that will help their business grow. Coworking is ideal in this sense as it allows companies and workers to have access to workspace without having to incur large costs.

Larger companies benefit from this flexibility and affordability as they are able to reduce overhead costs by only paying for the amount of space that they actually need.

The Perks and Amenities

Here at Workspace Strategies, we have helped various coworking spaces find the right amenities for their local market and community.

Most coworking spaces offer the same core amenities with additional ones tailored to their particular markets. But just to name a few, how does less hassle and stress sound? When you use a coworking space, you don’t have to deal with administrative or real estate management costs. You also have access to meeting and conference rooms equipped with the latest technology, plus the great advantage of having a prestigious professional address.

Also, not having to worry about WiFi, or running out of ink for the printer is pretty neat. And let’s not forget the community and the people you will share time and space with.

Opportunities To Expand Knowledge

As you get to know other coworkers, you will find that you become more knowledgeable or learn a new thing everyday.

The reason why coworking communities are so strong and appealing is because people like to share insights and tips with one another. Because coworking members are so diverse in nature and lines of work, there is an incredible amount of knowledge there just waiting to be shared.

Coworking has completely transformed the concept of ‘office’ or ‘workplace’. At Workspace Strategies, we are committed to helping coworking spaces be their best version so that people continue to love the way these spaces feel, look, and grow.

If you’re a coworking space provider seeking to improve your offerings or events, or if you’re looking into setting up a new space, here is how we can help you.