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Coworking spaces have cemented their place in the firmament of modern work. We’ve seen them evolve from a tiny huddle room with a handful of desks to bustling communal spaces to full-service flex office space catering to everything from startups and freelancers to global corporations.

But what does 2023 hold in store for coworking? Today, we’ll look at some of the emerging trends that we feel will define the future.


Trend Predictions for Coworking in 2023

Here are some of the top coworking trends to watch this year.


Focus on Sustainability

Sustainable business practices have become a significant focus across all industry sectors. Reducing emissions, going paperless, eliminating single-use plastics, and prioritizing local products and suppliers that share the same ideals is what’s happening now—and it’s also the way of the future.

Expect coworking spaces emphasizing environmental efficiency, including choosing furniture and office equipment made from recycled materials or constructed sustainably. You’ll see harm-free cleaning products, a focus on renewable energy (like solar), and office design that maximizes energy efficiency.

In the break room, you won’t find plastics or non-recyclable products. You will have recycling programs, composting, and even vegetable and flower gardens if space permits.

Top coworking spaces will also encourage and support alternative travel, providing secure storage for bikes and promoting carpooling for its members. Green credentials wouldn’t be out of the question, either. Today’s coworking workforce strongly prefers doing business with green companies, and this approach is a great way to attract them.

Inclusion and Diversity

People today have a general expectation of inclusion and kindness, and this must extend to the workplace. Accessible access is legally mandated, but it’s also vital to consider the needs and accommodations of all individuals. Office design will emphasize flow, comfort, and ease of movement. Variable workspace configurations should work for everyone, regardless of physical ability.

Branding will emphasize these features, underscoring a diverse clientele from various backgrounds. As the market grows, strong branding will become essential to establish differentiation. Speaking directly to the clientele you want to attract is key. Doing so through visual social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok will broaden your reach in a friendly, non-salesy way.

Branching Out into Other Industries

Coworking locations have begun to branch out into service industries, like salons. The shared workspace atmosphere is highly advantageous to beauty professionals as it allows them to stay independent, keep their costs low, and gain input from their peers. An atmosphere like this could also appeal to product designers, freelance educators, and countless other niche industries that could benefit from shared resources and high-tech amenities.

Destination Mentality

Hospitality and recreation are already sweet features of many popular coworking locations. Expect to see more of this in 2023 as operators seek to create bona fide destinations, complete with restaurants, spas, yoga studios, and maybe even a well-appointed Tiki bar. What you might find at any coworking space largely depends on its clientele. Owners will canvas members for their preferences and do their best to give them a place they want to visit daily.


Keeping up with the latest coworking trends is easy. Connect with us today, and let’s start the conversation!