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The covid-19 pandemic has deeply impacted most industries worldwide, the coworking industry isn’t the exception. Most coworking spaces had to make many adjustments to their operation, this to ensure that they can guarantee their members’ safety through social distancing measures among other preventive measures. When you add the cost of these readjustments to the cost of losing more than a few members, it is easy to see that now is the time to attract new members to your coworking space.

Here are a few tips to help you get started on marketing your coworking space.

Look for new members outside your coworking space

Most people who would benefit from becoming a member at your coworking space aren’t just going to walk into your door and sign up. It is important that you take some time to go outside of your coworking space and meet them at their own turf. Join relevant freelancer and solopreneur communities and events and make it a priority to add value to their lives instead of just trying to push your sales pitch on everybody.

Host events

People are slowly coming to terms with the fact that business must go on, and as long as you take the necessary precautions, there are a lot of people who are eager to participate in a valuable event you host.

Give out memberships

An effective marketing tactic is to strategically give out memberships to individuals that can help you attract more members mainly through social media exposure. This is as easy as finding some profiles that would be perfect for your coworking space and who have a decent following, and just reaching out to them.

Use Social Media

Make sure all your social media channels are up to date and constantly active. Run a full social media audit and cut out those channels that aren’t working for you. It is better to focus on a single channel that is active, rather than having many dead profiles that nobody wants to visit and give you a terrible image.

Update your keywords

Covid has also changed what people are looking for in a coworking space. Instead of keywords like “shared space”, “hot desk”, and others that suggest many people crowded in a room sharing things, people are looking for terms such as “private office”, “distance”, “cleaning protocols”. It is important that your website reflects this change so people can find you easily online.

Update opening hours

Make sure that your opening hours are up to date on your website and on all your social media channels.

Give Virtual Tours

It is a great idea to shoot a virtual tour video for your website and social media channels. This will accomplish two things: it is a great way to show people around without having them come into the actual space, and it is also a fantastic way to show people that you are committed to their safety.

Communicate Clearly

Whatever marketing tactic you choose, it is important to ensure that your communication is clear and that you not only anticipate people’s questions but also that you are completely transparent about your operations. Everybody is looking to minimize their risk and so most people will want to have a lot of information before even considering your space, so it is best to provide them with that info.